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Eastwood Heights Public School is dedicated to the emotional, social and academic wellbeing of every child entrusted in our care. Each student is valued as an individual with their own personal interests, needs and skills and school planning processes aim to address the needs of the whole child. Our core values support this as we encourage our students to be Safe, Respectful Learners in themselves and towards each other.

These values are embedded in all aspects of school life and across all settings. As a staff we are committed to being consistent and fair in our approach to student wellbeing while still ensuring the needs of individual students are met. We encourage our students to reflect on their own behaviour and be responsible not only for their actions but their learning as well. Through adopting a positive and strengths-based approach we foster these core values in every student and ensure our students grow to become happy, successful, responsible members of the community.


In order to promote the wellbeing of all students at Eastwood Heights Public School we teach three core values:

  • Be Safe

  • Be Respectful

  • Be a Learner

As well as providing clear and consistent consequences, it is important to encourage positive behaviour so students can grow in confidence, maturity and responsibility. Staff will use the above terms at school, both in the classroom and on the playground. Parents may find it helpful to use this language at home when discussing the choices their children make about their own behaviour.