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Our Core Values

In 2015 our new Core Values were introduced as a positive approach to student behaviour. Here are some examples of staff and students exploring what it means to be a Safe, Respectful Learner in different situations:


Three girls teasing another student

Be Safe

Year 6 students formed small groups to discuss ways to keep safe at school. It was great to see Year 6 girls think beyond 'don't run on the concrete'! They then performed a skit about Cyber Safety and the impact that technology like mobile phones or social media can have if used in an unsafe or disrespectful way.


Student pretending to stomp on a pencil case

Be Respectful

Some Year 6 boys act out a short play they created about the importance for  respecting others' property. In this case, however, it was an animated example of what not to do!


Teacher writing on board while class sit and watch


Be a Learner

My Byrne and students brainstorm ways they can do their best in learning. Some of the responses included: 'Listening to each other', 'keep trying even if it's difficult', and 'work hard'.