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About our school

Eastwood Heights Public School has a reputation in the community for being a welcoming school which provides strong academic programs balanced with an important emphasis on student wellbeing. Academic achievement has been consistently high over the years. 

The school actively promotes education as a collaborative process, and partners closely with parents/carers, students and the broader school community to ensure both excellence and equity in teaching and learning. 

The school takes pride in its richly diverse school community. Students from language backgrounds other than English form over 70% of the school population. 

Our professional staff are always innovating, including integrating the latest technologies into classroom activities in ways that enrich the curriculum. 

A commitment to Quality Teaching underpins all our work.

Eastwood Heights School Handbook

For any questions about Eastwood Heights Public School please refer to our school handbook. The handbook provides detailed information on the school, including its activities, operations, map, policies and procedures. Please view the EHPS Handbook.

Weekly Assemblies

Whole School assemblies- Monday 11:30am (even weeks)

Early Stage 1 assemblies- Wednesdays 9:40am (odd weeks)

Years 3-6 assemblies- Tuesdays 2:30pm (odd weeks)

School Pledge

I am responsible for my own actions.

I respect the rights of others.

I will care for my country, my community and my school.

I will act safely at all times.

I will always do my best and keep learning.

School History

For a brief overview of our school's history: EHPS School History (pdf 833 KB)

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