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Parents and Community (P&C)

The staff at Eastwood Heights Public School enjoy a strong partnership with our parents and community members. We understand the importance of the whole school community working together to benefit the students. Parents can be involved in the school in numerous ways:

  • being actively involved in the P&C and their committees
  • volunteering to help staff the school canteen
  • supporting fundraising events
  • enjoying social events
  • helping teachers in the classroom (such as during literacy and numeracy groups)
  • assisting teachers on excursions
  • planning and staffing the Year 6 Farewell
  • provide a supporting role at sporting events
  • supporting school events
  • welcoming new parents to the community.

Further information can be found on the EHPS P&C website.

P & C can be contacted via  secretary@eastwoodheightspandc.org