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Tell Them From Me

The NSW Department of Education is committed to ensuring that every student has a voice in their learning and is known, valued and cared for at school. Tell Them From Me (TTFM) supports these goals by assisting schools to collect valuable data on student engagement and wellbeing from the perspective of the entire school community – students, parents and teachers.

Tell Them From Me surveys provide rich data required to achieve positive and practical change at our school.

The department’s Strategic Plan includes a set of performance measures to support the goal that every student is known, valued and cared for in every public school. These draw on the TTFM measures of:

  • positive sense of belonging
  • high advocacy at school (support from teachers)
  • high academic expectations for success.

The TTFM student, parent and teachers surveys are designed to capture students’ wellbeing and engagement at school, as well as a range of experiences and attitudes of the school community toward school practices and procedures.

The TTFM student survey, for students in Years 4-6, includes measures of engagement, wellbeing and classroom experiences, reflecting effective teaching practices.

In Term 3, we will survey our wider community through the TTFM parent and teacher surveys. These surveys capture opinions about the culture of a school, including how welcoming and supportive the school is. They also provide data on the practices that parents and teachers are employing to support students at home and in the classroom. The parent survey can be completed on a range of portable online devices in over 23 community languages. 

Dates for TTFM 2024

The Snapshot 1 survey window for the student survey is now open and will close Friday 5 July 2024 (Term 2 Week 10).

The Snapshot 2 survey window for the teacher and parent surveys will be open from Monday 9 September (Term 3 Week 8) until Friday 8 November 2024 (Term 4 Week 4).

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