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Student Leadership - EHPS Student Parliament

Student Leadership at Eastwood Heights Public School

School Leaders

Congratulations to our School Leaders who are very excited to be the first members of our Eastwood Heights Public School Student Parliament in 2024.

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) has transitioned from School Captains, House Captains and SRC class members to School Leaders, House Leaders, and Class Representatives from Years 2-6.

Each member of parliament has nominated a ministerial area of focus and undertakes initiatives and responsibilities that enhance student voice, influence, choice and working together.

What is student voice?

Student voice enables students to actively participate in decision-making at school on things which shape their educational experiences. It is more than just students ‘having a say’ and ‘being heard’. At Eastwood Heights Public School, student voice is valued, and the perspectives and opinions of students is acted upon in a way that genuinely shapes learning and decision-making at our school.

Student voice increases engagement, achievement, and wellbeing. The meaningful participation in decision-making at school, ensures students experience higher levels of wellbeing and empowerment and develop stronger relationships with staff and peers, which drive better learning outcomes. They develop a range of skills and capabilities to feel connected and successful at school and in life.

Having voice: Students develop skills and competence; their thoughts and opinions are heard and valued

Having influence: Students have influence over decisions affecting them, their learning and interests

Having choice: Students have choice about their learning

Working together: Students have genuine opportunities to collaborate with other students and adults in meaningful ways.

At the end of each term, students in Years 3-6 attend a Parliamentary sitting. where each ministerial team House Leader tables a report on their initiatives and successes.